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Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd 世聯保險有限公司(“Allied World世聯”)是於百慕達註冊成立的公司。Allied World 世聯特意為香港建築師學會(”HKIA”) 會員 提供有關個人保險產品和優惠推廣之網上平台。惟HKIA並非一間擁有保險中介人執照的公司及並受薪於Allied World世聯。
Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd (“Allied World”) is incorporated in Bermuda with limited liability. Allied World has tailor-made for The Hong Kong Institute of Architects ("HKIA") members' an online link for personal insurance products and offers. Do note that HKIA is not a licensed intermediary and is not remunerated by Allied World.

在開始申請購買 Allied World 世聯的保險產品之前,請您務必閱讀並確認以下內容:
Before you proceed with the application to purchase Allied World’s insurance products, you are required to read and confirm the following:
  1. HKIA沒有就上述Allied World世聯的保險產品向本人提供任何建議或資訊,或作出任何承諾,聲明或陳述,並且沒有自稱其公司是Allied World世聯的代理人或代表;及
    HKIA has not provided any advice or information or made any promises, representations or statements to me in relation to any insurance plans offered by Allied World and has not held itself out as an agent or representative of Allied World; and
  2. HKIA沒有支付,允許支付或提出支付任何保費回扣,或透過任何方式的誘因誘導本人購買任何Allied World世聯的保險產品。
    HKIA has not paid, offered to pay any rebate of insurance premium or offered an incentive (in any form) to me to purchase any insurance policy from Allied World.
    I acknowledge that I have read and confirm that the above statements are true and correct.

If there is any inconsistency between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.