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    Sun Flower Insurance Brokers Limited(the "Broker" ) is remunerated for its services by the receipt of commission paid by Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd, Hong Kong Branch.
    Proposer's agreement to proceed with this insurance transaction shall constitute the proposer's consent to the receipt of commission by the Broker.
    Sun Flower Insurance Brokers Limited(「保險經紀」) 藉向Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd 世聯保險有限公司收取的佣金 ,作為其所提供服務的酬金。投保人同意進行是項保險交易, 即構成申請人同意保險經紀收取佣金。


    Confirm to proceed 確認並繼續


Notice 通告

Owing to the recent situation happening in WuHan, any Travel Policy issued on or after January 24, 2020 12:00pm Hong Kong Time (the Effective Time), will not cover any losses related to, directly or indirectly, novel coronavirus if your travel destination is WuHan, or will by-pass WuHan, or any cities declared in China under the lockdown mode.

If your Travel Policy was purchased before the Effective Time, please rest assure that your cover will remain unchanged throughout the policy period.

Subject otherwise as per terms, conditions and exclusion of the Travel Policy issued.

For your personal safety, please be advised to watch out the latest news and announcement from the authorities.

Have a Safe Journey !!

有鑑於近日在武漢發生的疫情,如果你的旅遊目的地是武漢、或將會途經武漢, 或其他中國宣佈為傳染病封鎖區的城市, 由2020年1月24日中午12:00 香港時間 (生效時間)及以後簽發的旅遊保險單, 將不會受保直接或間接與新型冠狀病毒相關的損失。倘若你的旅遊保險單在上述生效時間前已經簽發,你的保障將不受影響。



謹祝旅途愉快 !!